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Now that there are over 28 million active Filipino users on Facebook, more entrepreneurs are actively getting and winning customers through Facebook. Big brands all the way down to the SMEs are establishing social marketing strategies that maximize the use of Facebook to drive traffic to websites to boost their bottom line. However, many Filipino Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by Facebook numerous features, and simply don’t know how to begin. This blogpost is here to help Filipino owners and com
thewriter · 488 days ago

Since the dawn of our new President Benigno Aquino III, the Philippines have been turning around its economy up from the ashes. Bagging investment grade status, steady improvement and even exceeding expectations of GDP growth, and not undermining other country’s downturns as the country’s outsourcing industry and remittances are flourishing; thus keeping our economy at bay or even growing attracting other investors from all over the world. China on the other hand is not happy and contented on t
Admin_Marco · 571 days ago

So what is SWA all about? Supreme Wealth Alliance was launched to the public on 8th August 2012, it was founded by a guy called Franco Chaves who is a Filipino. He wanted a scheme that would change peoples lives and lift them out of poverty. After a great deal of thought and planning SWA was born, along with two friends he launched the beta version of the scheme and has not looked back since. Now it is possible for ordinary people to earn a residual income just by doing the thing they love using
zelleserns · 498 days ago

We are here to provide you the latest news and updates of MLM companies in the Philippines. The information in our monitor is based on what the admin and the organization has observed and experienced from joining them. All information here is still subjected to criticism and may be viewed differently depending on one's point of view. We are not in any way trying to sabotage or shed negative or positive light to the companies monitored here. We do not own or have any relations to the companies li
mlmmonitor · 550 days ago

Are you ready for McDonald's Minion Rush? Two weeks before the movie showing of Despicable Me 2 in the Philippines. Mc Donald's Philippines released their new Happy Meal Collectible toys which took Manila by storm. People loved their designs. Although a lot of the similar toy merchandises are available out there in mall stores, the Despicable Me Minions designs of McDonald's really captures the evil and dubious looks of each available character designs of the cartoon movie's evil little minion g
Admin_Marco · 542 days ago

May 31, 2013.  Yahoo had just recently published in it’s Yahoo Finance segment a very interesting topic of “Ten Brands that will Disappear in 2014”. One of them was Living Social.com a Daily Deals Group Buying site company that had lost its market share and revenue from virtually the industry crashing. In the Philippines, 2011 was the height of Group Buying sites. Groupon.com came in with its rebranded name of Beeconomic, Ebay also came in to the Philippine market with its group buying site Kupo
Admin_Marco · 570 days ago

Dealing with sales, complaints and compensation. One of my early income generating business is selling of gadgets. Be it mobile phones, tablets, laptops, accessories I carry it. If there's one thing I learned from this type of business, it is that sales is the most crucial part of the operation. I started out not knowing this part of the business, but if you keep in mind these six things as you lead, you'll have a more empowered and happier sales people which in turns attract loyal customers.
admin · 587 days ago

Have you ever wondered why some employees, despite their large paychecks, end up being broke? The reality is a bigger income does not necessarily equate to becoming rich. How many people have you heard winning millions in the lottery only to spend all of it in a few years to become bankrupt? How many celebrities did you know who, despite earning millions during their peak in show business, end up broke few years after their reign faded? Many people believed that an increase in income corresp
admin · 600 days ago

Do you love writing and reading? Well, this website may be right for you - www.artikulokoto.com. You can write all your thoughts, or even contribute general knowledge on certain topics you have in mind. You can even use this website as a blog site, well if you like. Join now and start writing! Visit www.artikulokoto.com for more info.
Jerome · 244 days ago

Yolanda may have been a once-in-a-lifetime weather phenomenon. But that’s what they also said about Ondoy and the other typhoons. So it’s probably true only if you have the lifespan of a cockroach because almost every year we have these supposedly “rare” weather disturbances. The victims of natural calamities are obviously under a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress. Compounding their misery is the financial stress that comes with rebuilding their lives. This piece may have come too lat
admin · 392 days ago
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