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When Money Is Not Everything Anymore

Whenever I start a business to make money, I feel myself going gaga over it. I noticed that I spent a lot of time during the developmental stage, almost forgetting my family. My main goal was just one: SUCCESS. I was confident that I can succeed in this domain. In fact, several people I personally know succeed already in several online businesses. As a result, I knew that time I invested will not be in vain. However, I do believe that money is important, but one should not be slave to it. There are other things besides money that also determines your happiness. But I am still very sure: money can improve your chances of achieving happiness for you. You can meet all the needs of your love ones, children, relatives, charities, all of which you care about. You can provide money if they are sick. You can help those closest to your heart instead of just surrendering to their fate, and so on.

However, happiness cannot be defined by merely possessing a lot of money. There should be a balance in life that can make us happy, spiritually and physically. Unfortunately, life is short. We can be alive now but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

If you are able to give a lot of money for a family, have you also considered providing abundant time for your family? To your children? How? Unleash Yourself! How do you do that? The only way to do it is....let your business run itself without your involvement. Use your time more for your family. Let your business to work hard for you. Make your business to be a source of passive income without the need to devote more time to it. So here are the ways to do it right:

Earn and invest
Save most of your income from your business. Invest some in the stock market / forex, business property, or purchase assets online. These were chosen because you can still make an awful lot of money without much involvement. If at any time you decided to stop doing business online, you know you're ready.

Create a system to automatically run a business.
Hire people to manage your business. Learn how to outsource your life! Hire a manager who is able to run it. In the meantime you can accompany your family. But, remember, you have to keep control of your business.

Sell the business
Use the proceeds to do other business. Or, invest in other areas that you like. This option you do only if you are really tired of working in the business.

If you are wondering how much I'm involve in this business today, I would answer, "The interest and concern I invested on this is tremendous!" But I do not want to be in it forever. To be sure this business will continue to exist as long as I am alive and I still interested to take care of. You could say this business is a form of personal satisfaction. At that time I will pursue other dreams that cannot be valued in money. I'm sure you also think like I do. You have "a thing" you want to accomplish in life. Maybe you want to achieve a childhood dream that has been bothering you? Hope you never stop dreaming. And always see that money is not everything.

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When Money Is Not Everything Anymore